Mike Moreland is a professional mariner and rigger with 20 years of experience, working his way up from deckhand to Captain on a large sailing yachts and tall ships including Picton Castle, Columbia, Amistad, Sorlandet, and many more.

He has always been keenly involved with the masting and rigging of all of these vessels and led countless up-rigs and down-rigs of these large tall ships. He holds a USCG 3000 ton Master of Sail and power, any oceans and was a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy in 2007.

He joined the rigging side of Blue Rocks Timber Framers in 2014 to join the rigging crew for the new 141’ Schooner COLUMBIA and was one of the main riggers who installed all of the masts, spars, and rigging on the new yacht.

His passion is making clean, attractive and functional rigging for any vessel he works on. Quality and longevity is always paramount and he works on each project vessel as if he would be going to sea on it himself.

He lives in the beautiful coastal village of Lahave on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with his wife, Jen and young daughter Olive.

Professional sailor from Halifax Nova Scotia, Finn got his start at sea on PICTON CASTLE on her 2nd World Voyage in 2000. Since then he has worked on all types of ships and has been bosun and recently chief mate on the 180 ft barque EUROPA which sails to Cape Horn every winter. He has been the lead on her ongoing maintenance including all the masting and rigging.

Hailing from Riverport, Nova Scotia, Richard sailed as 2nd mate on oil tankers for his entire career. During his time ashore he was the go-to guy for making new rigging and masts for the fleet of traditional schooners that sail in Nova Scotia. He was one of the lead riggers for COLUMBIA and COLUMBIA II and his leather work and wire work is as good as it gets!

Originally from Bermuda but a Canadian citizen, Erin has been sailing on tall ships her whole career. She recently sailed as Chief Mate on the 7th World Voyage of PICTON CASTLE. She is a first rate sailor and able to tackle any rigging job that is put in front of her.