The staff of IRONBOUND are all professional and licensed sailors which puts us in the unique position to commission and deliver tall ships and yachts throughout North America and Europe.

Over the years Mike Moreland and crew have successfully commissioned and delivered 3 large tall ships and yachts. All of these vessels had been ‘laid-up’ and all systems and rigging had to be inspected and brought online before delivery. This can be a challenging task as there was no former crew there to give insights but our crew uses their past experience on many different vessels to trouble shoot and solve all the problems that arise with a vessel that has been sitting idle for a period of time.

As every delivery and yacht is different we are happy to discuss and ideas and possibilities with an owner who wishes for their vessel to be safely delivered from point A to point B. We are happy to give thorough “fixed-price” quotes and work with the owners to help minimize costs as much as possible.

If you have a small private sail boat or even a large Class “A” tall ship that needs to be moved safely and efficiently, please contact us and we will be happy to start the conversation and help you explore all solutions!